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Wonderstruct is a technical writing, research, design, PR and marketing firm focused on infrastructure and the built environment.

We get it. You're busy. Maybe your marketing team is busy. The creative stuff, the written manuals, the plans: these things are on the back burner until the day they're due and you just don't have time for them. Enter Wonderstruct. We know proposals, creative campaigns, digital marketing, technical writing, and so much more. Our team is solely focused on the science behind infrastructure and building technologies. We come with degrees or experience in your field and continuously train on the latest trends. We're the right brain for your left brain. 

Our clients include builders, architects, engineers, developers, facility owners and managers, real estate firms, and industry service providers for a range of infrastructure projects, including corporate and commercial buildings, sports facilities, residential buildings, data centers, renewable energy projects, wastewater and landfill projects, industrial plants and spaces, and more. 

Projects in 20 states and Over 29 clients
100% Repeat client business 

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