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The Team

Here is where you get the most bang for your buck: an entire marketing team with no overhead cost. The team is assembled with in-house associates who both manage and create your work, bolstered with freelancers who are the best in their field. 

Together, we help you conduct research, produce important manuals and project documents, showcase your projects, market your capabilities, write technical and creative content and reinforce your expertise. Think of Wonderstruct as an extension of your team; a philosophy we stand behind. 

Alyce Headshot 2.jpg

With a degree in construction, Alyce brings 18 years of experience in the industry. She founded Wonderstruct as a way to bridge the gap between often too technical infrastructure minds and creative ones who can help emerging building technologies better tell their story and explain their process. She brings experiences as a Project Manager, Marketing and Communications Manager, and Technical Writer. At Wonderstruct she manages training the team, operations, HR, production QC, and business development. 

Vice President /
Alyce Anderson
Donna Wynn
Vice President /

Donna brings more than 10 years experience in marketing and document control, including five years of agency experience managing design projects, campaigns and events for Fortune 500 clients. In addition to being the final eye for detail on every project going out the door, she leads our national event and conference planning efforts. 

Matt Peterson
Creative Director - Eastern

Matt has over 16 years of experience in graphic design and visual communication, primarily in a large-market sports and entertainment industry. He specializes in print design and creative project management with precise attention to detail and strategic planning.

Stuart Lowden.jpg
Stuart Lowden.jpg

Stuart has over 7 years experience in marketing and graphic design with a special focus on printing and events. She is passionate about creating strong brands and finding ways to help grow your company using digital media.

Creative Director - Western Region
Stuart Lowden
Executive and Creative Assistant
Babs Karney

Babs is a writer and creative with over 7 years of high-level administration experience. A self-proclaimed “Jack of All Trades”, she finds purpose in taking care of the details that get you to the final draft of the “Big Picture”. Based out of our Denver Office, Babs strives to make each day a little more easeful for the Wonderstruct Team. ​

Carolyn BW.png
Writing Director
Carolyn Muller

Carolyn has been writing and editing for 8+ years, and brings a fresh, direct voice to every project. They are key to our research assignments, proposals, marketing papers, narratives, etc. Though based in Denver, they put an eye on every word we write.

Janina Goncalves

Janina is a creative who is motivated by the belief that design is a problem-solving tool that improves the connection between people and creates a more beautiful world. She holds a bachelor's degree in Marketing and Graphic Design from Drake University. 

Graphic Designer

Crayden is a senior at the University of Utah and will be graduating in the Spring of 2022. He is a business marketing major striving to gain experience in the marketing world. When Crayden is not in class or working on a proposal, he enjoys sports and the outdoors. 

Crayden Dalvit
Project Coordinator

We love meeting new people and working with creatives in the AEC industry.

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