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Doing Wonders: Stepping Stone Theater

SST Team - Elias Rios GROUP #11.jpg

Left to right: Jonald Reyes, Julia Morales, and Charley Carroll

Stepping Stone Theater is a non-profit comedy theater, improv school, and community space founded by actress, comedian, and all-around good person Julia Morales. She is partnered with theater veterans Jonald Reyes and Charley Carroll, the three serve as the leadership of Stepping Stone. 

The Wonderstruct Team collaborated with Stepping Stone Theater to:

  • Establish brand guidelines

  • Create a Business Proposal and Pro forma

  • Create a Website

  • Build a marketing plan and timeline

  • and more!

We also collaborated with a network of other partners to assist Stepping Stone. Graphic designer, Josh Hurtado worked with the team to design their logo and brand assets. Photographer, Elias Rios photographed the team. 

To donate and learn more about Stepping Stone, visit their website,

View Stepping Stone Theater's  2021 Pro Forma Below!

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